Written by Mathieu Fabbri on Monday, October 12th 2015

The support team is evolving!
Hello !

My name is Mathieu and I am the new addition to the team, filling in for Saveria, as she will soon go on maternity leave. I will handle the technical support for WMaker but also some of the GoodBarber support and App submissions to the stores.

I was born and raised in Corsica. I've always wanted to take part in the development of the island, which is why I made a point of studying at our college, where I got a degree in environmental protection.

I've always been passionate about music. It holds a very important place in my life and not a day goes by that I don't listen to music or practice.

Integrating the team is a great opportunity for me and an amazing challenge.

I hope to help you make the most of your GoodBarber and WMaker experience. 

See you soon through the support! 

Auto-publish your content to Twitter with a picture
WMaker already allows you to automatically post your articles on Twitter as soon as they are published on your website or WebTv.

As you might already know, including imagery within your Tweets tends to boost subscriptions and Retweets. Tweets with a picture or video drive twice as much engagement.

Within your timeline, up until now, you had to click on « View summary » to display the Featured image of your article, it’s now old news thanks to Jean-Mathieu!!

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WebTv, post end date for your videos
We’ve added a new feature for webtv which you are going to enjoy :)

Although it was already available through the CMS, you will now be able to pick an end date for the publication of your videos.

Simply implement that feature directly on the page hosting the video in the back office and pick the date you wish to see the video switch to stock mode (it is the same procedure as for your articles pages in the CMS).

This feature will be useful if you wish to share ephemeral content or content within a limited amount of time.  

It can be an efficient choice for promoting an event, or assigning videos to a specific schedule…

You won’t need to go back to your videos and edit them, it’s 100% automatic from now on :)

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Magic Responsive Design
3 years ago we started getting requests regarding Responsive Design; little by little it has become a major buzzword.

At the time, our vision was to provide the same user experience Facebook gives to Web/Desktop and Native Apps/Mobile, with the best technology for each medium.

Financially, this is not within the means of most, but the culture of our industrial products leads us to believe that it is possible to reduce the cost of a mobile app to 1/50th of the original.

Today, with the duo of WMaker / GoodBarber  products, this is attainable, but as they are still separate products, it will take us a bit more time to optimize and simplify this concept. 

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This week it's going to be very hot throughout France, and especially here in Corsica. As you already know, the St. François beach is just 100 meters from the office, but despite this fact, we don't spend all day there like we're on vacation!
It's gonna be a hot one....

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Your emails
With the growing importance of emails in today's world, the email management system needed a major makeover. This was done at the end of April and somehow we managed to limit any disruption to the service!

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Cc Flickr Jessica
Seb2 has certainly been keeping busy lately! This time, he has improved the order tracking page for e-commerce site users :) 

This allows you to return to an order and its history; the page includes order numbers, dates, statuses, payment information, etc.

This isn't new, it has been around for a while on your sites. What is new and wicked, is the fact that to access this order tracking page,  the client just has to complete their order, he doesn't have to through the payment—they can stop just before and still view this page. 
This way, from now on your clients can do their shopping in several sessions, and their shopping cart will not be lost. They can postpone their shopping and then come back later and continue with their shopping cart. This will allow everything that they selected in their last session to be placed in a new shopping cart, and a new order will automatically be generated. 

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As Sébastien promised in the previous article, we continued working on the mobile version not only to deal with the changes implemented by Google, but also to continue making it more beautiful and of higher functionality. 

We have created new modules for you and have improved the setting options on your navigation pages

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Facebook  Graph API v2.3
Everyone is talking about Facebook Graph API v2.3, but what exactly does it change for your WebSite and WebTv? That's what we're here to tell you about :)

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On April 21, Google will change the ranking of its search engine website results for searches done on a mobile device. The purpose of this modification is to better take into account mobile devices, since the search is being made from one.

This will be initially communicated to the user through an alert concerning the mobile compatibility of the site the user is searching for on their mobile device.
After, the non-optimized-for-mobile content will fall in the search results. However, Google has not given a lot of additional information on the plans for this second phase. 

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