100 new features in your favorite CMS (WMaker)

Jerome PIETRI on Monday, July 6th 2009 I 0 Comment

100 new features in your favorite CMS (WMaker)
We are in summer, and you are welcome to discover 100 new features for your favorite CMS valid since last Christmas!

1 Search engine in the store (front office)
2 Store items category
3 Mosaic presentation mode / list of store items
4 Store items tagging
5 New presentation of the store homepage
6 Internal search engine for items (back office)
7 New carbon template for the blog+
8 New layout for the store CGV
9 2.3 version of WMU (Cookies)
10 Crop Function in the store (headlines thumbnails)
11 Shopping Cart layout and order tracking alignment
12 Product Module overhaul (selection / Shopping Cart filling in)
13 New Headlines Product Module (store)
14 New Video headlines module (autostart / selection)
15 Bandwidth usage details and history (back office)
16 New My Posts module (4 kinds of specific displays)
17 Alert messages in the unified Back Office
18 HD Video (1280 X 720)
19 Better quality coding of standard videos
20 Doubled bandwidth capacities
21 Doubled storage capacities (disk space)
22 Videos coding Notification mail
23 New version of Video player (Timeline included)
24 Mobile statistics overhaul (iPhone detection / BlackBerry / Windows CE / Android)
25 History and new editorial statistics (Video / Mobile version / etc...)
26 Micro payments History
27 Breaking News Template
28 Web 2.0 services new module
29 iPhone and GPhone version for the SSD
30 SSD putting into operation (Server Status Dashboard)
31 Thumbnails creation in the download web service (in Pdf, Docs, Xls, etc...)
32 New Similar Items module (based on tag or category)
33 Modern 6 Headlines Module
34 Design preview by page
35 Quick Design (Customize your design otherwise)
36 Clickable inscriptions on the item images
37 New system of applicative cache
38 Items localization API and RSS feeds
39 Headline feature in your articles
40 Verbatim mode in your articles
41 New share buttons (social bookmarks displayed on layer)
42 Block mode display of the articles from the same rubric
43 Customized name in the block tags
44 Conversions tracking in the forms (Google Adwords)
45 Syndication with private articles break point (RSS)
46 Video chapters
47 New options in the History Module (16/9, organization)
48 Video Publication via mobile phone (3GP or MP4 dispatch via email )
49 Dynamic halftones settings in your template with the PNG
50 Sitemap video
51 Source positioning in the XML Content Module
52 Display by list or downloads module tab
53 Indirect opening of downloaded files (more security)
54 Tags page per Date / Group / Index
55 Downloads web service overhaul
56 URL rewriting for the downloads web service
57 Files publication programming (download)
58 Title in the data entry field for search and newsletter modules
59 News display and tags for a given time
60 RSS Import with automatic tagging
61 RSS Export to more than 20 API
62 Canonical Tags
63 Dynamic Meta data on the webservices
64 URL Rewriting for the whole pages
65 URL Rewriting in the Back Office
66 Parent-child Modules (Template)
67 Gallery photos turn over in the iPhone version
68 Gmap in the calendar of the iPhone website version (Rotate for a map)
69 Tags in CSS3 in the iPhone version
70 Podcasts overhaul in the iPhone version
71 CSS3 in the iPhone version (subtle effects)
72 New icons for the iPhone version footer
73 Quick Help in the Back Office
74 Headlines Section: Collapse/Expand mode for the iPhone version
75 Headlines modules overhaul in the iPhone version
76 Apple Touch Icon
77 Upload limit increase
78 Video player colors customization
79 Video player buttons customization
80 Pre-roll ads in the videos
81 Video Player in 16/9
82 Size adjustment for videos (Small / Medium / Large)
83 New video statistics
84 Video Duplication on Youtube
85 Ads module overhaul
86 Eco contribution in the store
87 Stock management CSV in the store.
88 Order list export CSV.
89 Ads web service overhaul (layout setting)
90 Localization of your classified ads on the map
91 Your ads in Google Base
92 Publication of yours ads in the SNS
93 Advertising automatic-fill-out
94 Ads categories classification by large families (real estate, employment etc...)
95 New carbon template
96 New Headlines module (Modern 5)
97 Combo module replacing Division module
98 Combo module size management in pixels
99 Size adjustment for dropdown module’s sub-menus (with vertical correction)
100 Dropdown menu overhaul (in width / aligned left, but particularly dropdown)

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