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Jerome Granados/Katia Jannin on Thursday, July 10th 2008 I 0 Comment

Today starts the launch of a series of news related to the "headlines section module"

In order to give you more presentation options, we'll put online new display styles during this summer.

Classical 16/9

We start this week proposing  Classical 16/9. It's a variant of the display style we proposed you until then.

The article Thumbnails are in 16/9 instead of 3/4. The image above  gives an exemple of what it looks like in the new swiss template.

For a full-size exemple, have a look at Jobetic homepage.

Ergonomic modifications in the back office

The setting interface of headlines section module is evolving, in the back office.

From now, the ibox functionnalities menu has 2 tabs.

The first one gathers all that's related with the content, and the second one permits to choose the module display mode.

Also note the appearance of new functionnalities such as the possibility to display the comments, or the separator style choice in the general settings of the design menu.

See you soon for new improvements in this module ;)

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