4 new sizes of thumbnails

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4 new sizes of thumbnails
When you add a photo in an article, a series of treatments are done. Among these treatments, there is the generation of thumbnails.

For each picture, there is a several versions that are created by the application. These versions are used in different parts of your site, to offer the best display ​​to your visitors.

We've just added 4 new sizes. This brings to six the number of thumbnails available to configure your modules on the front office.

4 new sizes of thumbnails
There is two main families of thumbnails:
- 16/9
- Square Format

You can choose in the menu Design > General Settings > Graphical elements >> Tab images >
Pictures format  the family you would like to use in your modules.

Then, on the module directly, you have three display sizes for thumbnails: Small, Medium, Large.

Small Square: 77 x 70
Medium Square: 215 x 195
Large Square: 300 x 273

Small 16/9: 145 x 90
medium 16/9: 215 x 134
Large 16/9: 300 x 186

Here are the modules that allow you to choose among these three sizes.

 Home page: 
- Go with the flow
Headlines sections
- My Videos

Inside pages
- Navigation
- Search

In webservices
- Newsletter

4 new sizes of thumbnails
Finally, just to remind you two possibilties very handy on your CMS when you add a picture in an article.

1 / The crop feature
Once the picture has been added to your paragraph, you can edit the frame of the thumbnail. Simply click on the thumbnail, an ibox opens and a crop window allows you to keep the proportions of the photo, while choosing the part of the picture you're interested in.

2 / Your own thumbnail
It is possible that the
six default sizes offered are not sufficient for you to realize your dream design. In this case, you can always add your own thumbnail. The application does not generate the various sizes for your personal thumbnail. It keeps it the way you've uploaded it and uses it directly in the modules concerned.

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