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The Calendar module needed to be spruced up a little bit, so we went for it!

We first separated the content and the display in the back office with two tabs. The display is better now, as you have preview thumbnails that make the module easier to understand. 
New Calendar Module

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Twitter cards available for WebTV
Already available in CMS, we have finally added the option to use Twitter Cards for WebTV as well.

We are all familiar with the 140 Twitter characters. Surely you have seen a video or clicked on a photo directly from your Twitter timeline—this is the purpose the Twitter Cards serve. They allow you to enrich and showcase your content when it is shared on Twitter.

As soon as someone shares an article from your site or shares a video from your WebTV, a tweet with complementary information will accompany it. 

This works under the same principle as Facebook's OpenGraph.
Keeping the specific type of content in mind, we have integrated the necessary code to allow Twitter to retrieve and display this information.

To reiterate, in CMS we chose to use the Large photo summary cards that display the title of your page, its description, and the associated image. 

Here is an example of a Tweet enriched for CMS:

Wallpaper Advertising for your websites and webTV
We all know the importance of advertisements and their benefits they bring. There are already several advertising formats available in your back office, but a new one has just arrived. 

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My WMaker App update on iOS
Apple screens become increasingly larger, it was necessary to adapt the back office app.

Alex, is an iOS native app developer who used to work for GoodBarber. We asked for his help just before he left our team, and have definitely benefited from his skills :) He has given us a chance to enjoy an app not only as beautiful and convenient as the former one, but also (and more importantly), one that is compatible with iPhone 6, 6+ and iPad!

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Duplication of your videos on Youtube
Lately, it has been impossible to connect your Youtube account to your back office and to duplicate your videos onto a Youtube channel. This is because like Facebook, YouTube changed its API. 

However, lucky for you, Gillian worked really hard on this and recreated the full process from scratch :) This is good news!

By simply posting your videos from your back office on your Youtube channel, you will benefit from the excellent SEO on their platform, which belongs to our friend Google :)

Automatic publication of articles on your Facebook pages
Automatic publication of your content on your Facebook pages wasn't working anymore for new users following an important modification of Facebook API.

It took us some time, but good things come to those who wait :)
Jean-Mathieu and Jean-François aka Jim and Jeff, worked hard to modify our platform so you can automatically publish your articles on Facebook again!

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Happy new year 2015!!
We'll try our best to grant your wishes this year too :)
Happy new year 2015!!!!

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This year again we'll celebrate Christmas together, so we wish you a merry Christmas, and we'll see you in few days for the new year celabrations :)
Merry Christmas :)

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Modification of VAT Rules on Electronic Services
You've probably heard about it already: From the 1st of January 2015, the new VAT legislation will apply due to the European Commission's Council Directive 2008/8/EC of 12 February 2008.

Simply put, when consumers who are subject to paying EU VAT and who are established within the European Community make an online service purchase, they will be charged the VAT rate of their own Member State. You'll pay the rate of the EU Member State in which you are located, based on the billing address you indicated. For instance, if you live in Germany, you'll pay 19% VAT, instead of 20% for France or even higher, 21% for Italy or Belgium.

You are not affected by the new legislation if you are located outside the European Union or if you provide a valid European Union VAT ID.

Depending on the country where you live, your VAT can be modified.

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Our friends from Montres de luxe, (http://m.montres-de-luxe.com) allowed us to use their website to show you precisely what you can do with the new mobile version of WMaker. Clearly inspired by the research and development done for GoodBarber, this new mobile version really rocks! We want, once more, to thank Jean-Mathieu and Seb2 for it :)

Lesia, for her part, enjoyed herself while designing the Montres de luxe mobile version, and she wants to share it with you via this showcase video :)

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