A good news never comes alone.

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A good news never comes alone.
We were quite disappointed with the change of our engine database.
The new base is much more robust, but we expected better performances.
Actually, the gains were quite small, about 20%.

So during the summer we tried to optimize in every details the code of the CMS.
But the improvements only weakly influenced the results in production. Then we realized that our test architecture at the CampusPlex sometimes behaved very differently from the prod.

Bye bye Xen

By analyzing the differences between the achitecture of development and of production, we found out about hidden truth. The application is not an issue. The problem is an incompatibility in the hosting architecture WM.
After a crazy week of research we have identified the culprit, the Xen virtualization system bridled our servers database pSQL to 50% of its capacity.

So we've been testing for 10 days a brand new software architecture on 10% of sites. It is stable and provides much better results. We will generalize this system by the end of October.

Increased capacity

It is well known, a good news never comes alone .... I say this because facing doubt, believing in a lack of power, we have ordered new servers and especially a new file server.
He has the distinction of being full SSD, it's made of 24 disk 600 GB flash memory 100 times faster than conventional drives and consuming a lot les energy.

This storage system will hold all the fresh data and will be supported by the NAS of 48 disk of 2To

Now with larger capacities, served by a super-fast system, this is the second good news:

We increases the disk space! For all:
- Portal Primo from 25 to 30 GB
Portal Xpert  from 50 to 60 GB
- Portal Pro from 150 to 180 GB
- WebTV Primo from 50 to 60 GB
- WebTV Xpert from 150 to 180 GB
- WebTV Pro goes from 500 to 600 GB

So the capacity of emails too :)
-Small from 50 to 500 MB
-Medium from 250 MB to 1GB
-Large from 500 MB to 1.5GB

And since there is more space the uplaod videos also change for the CMS:
- Portal Primo from 150 to 250 MB
- Portal Xpert from 500 to 600 MB
- Portal Pro goes from 700 to 800 MB

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