A word about the Podcast

Lesia on Monday, December 19th 2005

A word about the Podcast
A few weeks ago, we published a note concerning the Podcast and we proposed his integration in your blogs and portals.

Since, the Podcast (or Podcasting) flowered on all the Web sites and its use doesn't stop growing especially that iTunes, principal instigator of this new fashion, declined a video version (more than 1 million registered voters in two weeks after its lauching).

Small reminder: the Podcast is a syndication feed like your RSS or ATOM feeds, which means that it's readable by all the readers of this type. About that, while refering to iTunes other sites were born to read these feeds such as PodcastAlley or Netvibes.
The difference with a simple syndication feed is that you can insert audio files.

In all your sites, it is automatically created since you add a mp3 file enclosure of an article.

It's available to the following address:

In the same way that for your articles content, we added a shapped to this feed and you can visualize directly the result in your web navigator.
The audio reader is integrated, you have to only click on the button of reading to listen to the sound complement of the article...

Divide your flow!

Itunes and PodcastAlley are much more than simple readers because by subjecting your feed, it's recorded in a library of thousands of Podcast sent by the Net surfers of the whole world.
An internal search engine makes it possible to browse in the varied topics of these sound notes and thus proposes an extraordinary source of exchange.

To personalize your Podcast, we propose you to choose a category (available in the menu NETWORK) and to integrate an image characteristic of your site (menu ADMINISTRATION > Preferences). This image will appear such a small pocket of album if you add Podcast to iTunes...