AWStats update (Technical statistics)

Lesia PIETRI on Thursday, October 4th 2007 I 0 Comment

Awstats is a log filers analyser, it allows us to return the number of visits, unique visitors, pages, hits, transfer by domain / country, host, hour, navigator, OS, ...

Today we make an update. In fact  we started changing its version several months ago (inJune) and today we finally switching your stats on this new version,which was running in parallel current stats.

We have of course tried to preserve your historic what is the least we can do, but which is also a work of Titan:)

In terms of changes nothing important except the addition of plug Geo IP to determine more precisely the source of your visitors.

Inaddition this update makes it easier to differentiate "seen" Traffic and "unseen" traffic on your site. Traffic unseen representing the trafficgenerated by the search robots or some readers RSS.

AWStats update (Technical statistics)
We remind you that you can use in addition external scripts statsasXiti or Google Annalytics. The differences that you can seebetweenthis type of stats and those of AWstats are perfectly logicalandexplainable, we will soon be a note to explain how they work.

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