Add advertising between your posts

Jerome Granados / Katia Jannin on Wednesday, August 27th 2008 I 2 Comments

This post will please our Blog+ subscribers. We've added a very interesting functionality which permits generating incomes from your website: the insertion of advertising  between your blog posts.

More precisely, we've overhauled totally the "my posts" module. Thanks to this module, a simply solution to display advertising is available to you. It's an alternative to the use of the container module or the advertising manager webservice ( available from the Xpert portal ).

In the "my posts" module > functionnalities > more parameters you'll find a field to add your advertising between your posts. Insert text or html code in this field.
Add advertising between your posts

Two options for your advertising display:

1. Every other post. It's the upper image exemple. In this exemple I display an advertising marquee stocked in DESIGN> my documents.

2. Only below the first 2 posts. We recommand you use this option if you want to display some adsense. It will permit recpect the google conditions of use, that limit the display number of adsense blocks, on a same page.

Below, a screen capture of the module parameters.

Add advertising between your posts

Other improvements for the module

In the module former version, a lot of design options were dispatched in the functionality and font menus.

We've gathered all those options in the DESIGN menu, which is now richer.
In this menu you'll find a color selection palette and your choice visual preview.
The wallpaper choice is also available in Design, opening the module skin options.

Last point, the skin module has been divided in 3 zones.
  •   the header zone: it contains the post title
  •   the center zone: the post body
  •   the footer zone: this zone contains the publication information (author, date, comments,...)
Be carefull not to confuse with the module footer
Add advertising between your posts

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1.Posted by BK on 09/07/2008 7:40 AM | Alert
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is it possible to add google adsense between posts.?

2.Posted by jérôme granados on 09/07/2008 11:49 AM (from a mobile) | Alert
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yes of course. It was designed to do so ;)

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