Advantages of Store Item Module

Jerome Granados on Wednesday, June 24th 2009 I 0 Comment

Advantages of Store Item Module
The Store Item module has recently been improved. Although general module operating remains the same, a lot of display options are henceforth available.
Let’s see it in detail!

More effective selection mode

Selection mode for items to be displayed within the module was improved. Now you can work either by inclusion or by exclusion.

This allows you to select all the items with one click (yeah, you just need to work in exclusion mode!!)

Optimum number of columns

The items within the module are displayed in column. Formerly you could choose a number of columns manually only. It’s still possible, but we have also added an automatic mode.

In automatic mode the number of columns will be adapted to the width of your images (the width could be set !).
The result is always excellent!

Adding items to the Shopping Cart and other information

Putting the items to the Shopping Cart, it’s always a crucial moment. Now it’s possible to propose this action directly from the Item Module.

If you decide to display items put to the Shopping Cart you will notice the opportunity to use a personal action button

You can also:
- fix a break point on the number of items;
- display the cost
- display the item description

Sort option

Real cushions are at

Finally, you can propose the sort options to display your items. To do it, after checking the box "display sorted items”, fix the number of items to be displayed per page.

In the front office your users are free to sort items by:

- increasing cost
- decreasing cost
- name
- best sales

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