All About Web TV

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All About Web TV
What are the tools for sending videos to your Web TV ?
How to get a domain name for your Web TV?

Vimeo Import, and FTP

There are several ways to upload videos into

First of all, you can use a simple upload window. It opens when clicking on the "add video
button in the top right-hand corner of your back office.

Then, you can also use Uploader AIR. It’s a small application that can be installed on your computer. It allows selecting multiple videos on your computer’s hard disk and sending them into your back office. This application can run simultaneously with other ones.

In case of multiple sendings, subscribers to Web TV Pro  can use FTP (File Transfer Protocol). This solution is optimal for a voluminous amount of data. Plus, if there is an upload error, your FTP client will resume uploading your files afterwards. To activate upload via ftp, go to Settings > Uploader > FTP Upload and SET up this feature. You will find there the settings to activate your FTP client. For such uploads, encoding processing is launched each 15 minutes.

If you have Vimeo videos, you can import them into your Web TV. This feature was developed by Samir to enable new users to move their content to Thanks to his development users willing to switch over to the Web TV offer will have the possibility to easily move their content.

Domain name and Emails

You can assign a domain name to your Web TV. You content will be available at instead of

However, you should purchase a domain name first. You can get it trough domain names registrars (for example,  or  ). Subscription rates vary from 5 to 20 Euros a year, based on the chosen TLD (.com, .net, .org, .it,..).

Once you have your domain name, go to Settings > Website Settings > Domain Name. You will be able to link your domain to your Web TV.
There are 2 possible installation modes: standard and expert.

If you choose the standard mode, WMaker will manage your emails too. You will have the possibility to create boxes, redirections and other services related to email management.

If you want your mails to be managed by your registrar, you should use the expert installation (CNAME record).

In both cases, please consult our online help.

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