An Early Christmas Gift: The New Mobile Version!

Jerome PIETRI on Monday, December 8th 2014 I 0 Comment

Some of you already know about it, following our conversations in the support. We are working on a brand new mobile version which will be available very soon in your backoffices!
Our best people are working on it. We are very happy to officially announce the release of the new mobile version of WMaker this Wednesday, the 10th of December 2014 :)

Upgrade process

It will be done in two steps. The first step will be this Wednesday morning.

Jim, Seb2 and Lesia are working on the last details of all existing modules which have been fully rebuilt. They deleted some obsolete modules and completely redesigned the internal content pages, as well as a few surprises :)

Don't worry, we'll take care of everything!!
Wednesday morning, we'll shut down access to the Mobile Design menu of your back offices for 2 hours. All other parts of your backend will be available and running.
During those 2 hours, we'll update all modules of all mobile versions so you'll be able to use them straight away.

When we reopen the Mobile Design menu, all of your modules will have been updated :)

Next Wednesday

Go ahead and test every module of your new mobile version, we're waiting for your feedback in the support.

For the second step, we'll proceed in the same manner, but we'll be adding more internal pages for your webservices and new modules.

See you Wednesday!!!

Ps: We did not forget responsive design, at the end of the week, we'll let you know about Sebastien's strategy :)

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