Android App: Become Beta Tester!

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Android App: Become Beta Tester!
Since the launch of the iPhone app, it's taken some time for it's Android sister to come out. This app, which enables you to manage your WMaker sites, was developed by Diego, a Belgium developer who worked with us for 6 months in the technical team of GoodBarber. Unfortunately, we did not have enough time to test it properly, which is why we're late in launching it. Since then, we tested it, and several bugs were identified. Sergio, in charge of the Android team spent some time on it to fix those bugs so we could launch the beta version this week!

We invite all of you using an Android device to test the app in beta version to help us find and fix the last bugs. It is not dangerous, only your actions on the app will be applied on your site. The purpose of this testing is to check that the app does not crash in everyday use :)

How to test the WMaker App Android

The application is on Google play, but in version 0.1 (beta) and accessible only to the community. You have to:

1. Have a phone running Android
2. Have a gmail email address
3. Ask to join the community:
4. Wait for the validation notification by email (validated manually by myself)
5. Download the 0.1 (Beta) version of the WMaker application (the link will be on the community page once your request is validated)
6. Give us your feedback straight away on the store: Google Play

Android App: Become Beta Tester!
We would like to thank in advance everyone who will participate in this program, and say Hi to Diego and his always-great mood :)

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