Architecture optimization

Sébastien Simoni / Katia jannin on Friday, October 17th 2008 I 0 Comment

Hardware optimization

Architecture optimization
Today, Jérôme and Greg are working on the achitecture evolution in the data center DC1.

It's a new-generation datacenter made up by the OVH firm. Its particularity is to consume 30% less energy than a classical datacenter.

They are setting up 10 of those new SUN X2250 servers. They are low consumption. Their processors eat only 50W, compared with the almost 95 W of the last generation.

We've also chose energy-effective hard disks, after having tested flash SSD memoy disks, which revealed not that efficient finally... Thus we adopted for more classical disks, they are Velocity Raptors. They permit saving some Watts a server, against the former Raptor disks we were using before.

Anywhere we can we're opting for a low consumption material. During those financial crisis times, we don't want to ignore the environmental issue, we're keeping our line ;-)
It's also an economic choice because optimizing our consumption, we can set up more servers in a bay. When economic choices match with environmental choices, there's no reason to hesitate, we go for it!

WMaker software optimization

Servers consumption is not the only thing we can act on. The sofware part is as essential.

To do so we've virtualized the whole architecture. That permitted increasing the productivity of each machine.

On the WMaker application point, we've started 2 weeks ago an optimization phase.
We pointed it a few time ago. We're expecting as a result that the display speed of your websites and the electrical productivity improve.

By the end of the year, our architecture will be 100% low consumption.

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