Authentification and registration

Jérôme Granados / Katia Jannin on Wednesday, September 24th 2008 I 0 Comment

In order to fully enjoy your SNS, you have of course to create your profile. Profile will inevitably lead to registration and then authentification on your portals.

In this note, we come back on the improvements we brought to the registering and authentification processes, on the occasion of the  SNS page creation.

Login Bar

Authentification and registration
A new authentification module has appeared with the SNS. It's the login bar. It permits display on the right top corner of you website, a Connexion link. Once you're connected, the number of not-read messages of your intern messaging is reminded in brackets, just after you pseudonym.

The login bar is desactivated by default on your sites. To activate it, go in the DESIGN menu. Then you'll have the choice between fix and float modes.

Login box, page

Authentification and registration
The "Login Box" module proposes 3 display modes.

- classic: a 2-lignes log box.
- Link to Ibox: authentification is made in an Ibox
- texts in boxes: it's a one-line presentation.

The design of "restrained area" page and registration page also have changed. The navigation has been thought of again to make the user authentification/registration easier from this page.

For the registration page, we got inspired by one of the processus step of a blog opening with creablog.

We'll continue this way, in order to harmonize the application forms.

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