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Jerome Granados on Sunday, May 4th 2008 I 0 Comment

In your back office, we made the Background / Format page better. Since the official launch of the V4, the daily use of this version gives us some ideas to improve your favorite CMS. Keep sending your feedbacks. It helps a lot ;)

Our gaol was to make faster and more intuitive the way how you set the background and the format of your site.

Lesia and Laurent have changed the way you define :
1 - the size and the skin of the pages
2 - the general settings

size and skin
size and skin
Here is the great novelty: the setting is done directly on the page. You no longer use an ibox to do it. As a result, don't forget to save your changes by clicking the button at the bottom of the page.

You will notice that we put a premium on  improving visual feedback on what your are doing. It is now much more intuitive to change the size of a column, to define the skin of a title zone, or to define the general settings.

General settings
General settings
No doubt that people who miss the V3 will appreciate this change. It is quite like the way it was in the old version of WMaker.

It is not just reused nowadays but also improved :)

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