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We invite you to register to the private beta of our new Mobile product. This short "home made" video introduce the final product.

A private beta is a pre-production version available by invitation only. This product will be officially released in early March 2013.

Invitations are sent in batches of 100 people to increase gradually. We need your help to improve the product.

All server architecture is not yet fully completed. A battery of Mac Mini will be installed in the Data Center DC19.

The private beta is at the moment available only for iOS version. HTML5 and Android versions will arrive before we launch.

It will be free for all users of Xpert and Pro contract WMaker during this phase. This is to our knowledge the best system for creating Mobile Applications.

This new product provides the flexibility of the Web in terms of updates. While maintaining the fluidity of a Native Mobile Application.

Some of you are already using the version 1 of GoodBarber, coming from our team work with the company DuoApps. But since September, the company
DuoApps specialized in Native application development  merged with WMaker.

This allowed us to put our strengths together and the result is really great! Actually we had an agreement in principle earlier this year, and our teams have been working together for few months now.

This new version of GoodBarber, V2, is very ambitious. It allows us to provide our standard CMS with the most effective
mobile solution of the market.

These past few months working on this project opened new opportunities for development of Mobile for WMaker but not only ;) Most importantly,
WMaker team is now richer in new talents!

Register and be the first to discover the best mCMS in the world!

Saveria Maroselli
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