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After years of loyal service, the flash version of the slideshow bows out. It gives way to a completely rewritten version.

The new slide show offers more features and better compatibility with devices used to view your articles.


First major innovation, the technology used. The slide show is now in javascript. It still benefit from the adoption of JQuery on WMaker :) !

In this new slide show in JS, you will discover:
- Great left / right arrows to navigate between photos
- Function play / pause to launch the slide show (Essential function of a slide show you will tell me :)
- A navigation bar that tells you which picture is viewed, its title, description, number
- The ability to display the list of pictures as thumbnails at the right ratio
- A pop-up
- A full screen mode

The slide show is available in three parts of the application. On the pages article, in the module My post and in the webservice Gallery.
Note that in the webservice gallery, the slide show mode adopts a specific presentation, with the title and description of the pictures on the top of the page. In a footnote, a drop-down band to see the thumbnails. It is also possible to navigate between photos with the arrow keys.

iPad, Flickr & Picasa

Second major innovation, the availability of the slide show on iPad!
It was the weakness of our previous flash slide-show. Now, all the javascript slide-show features are also available on iPad. On this tablet, you'll find out that you can scroll through the photos by flipping your finger. Needless to say more;)

Third innovation, the ability to display Flickr and Picasa
Those of you who have connected their photo gallery with a Flickr account, or a Picasa account, can enjoy the features of the slideshow. Until now, the photo albums from these third party services were filtered during the activation of the slideshow. It is no longer the case today, you can select them. That's what we did to illustrate this note, we decided to post our
Flickr photostream on this slideshow.

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