Break in characters and Summary

Lesia on Sunday, November 13th 2005

Break in characters and Summary
The break in characters and / or the summary are used in five modules (of your home) and permit to dysplay a small text extract accompanying the title of your article. 

The breaks in characters use the X first characters of your summary whereas the summary replaces the break in characters and is dysplayed in its entirety. 

From now on, the breaks in chararcters wont dysplay anymore any page-setting contrary to the summary which will interpret as well the HTML as the owners tags. Thus we advise you to also use the summary if you want to dysplay the links or the configuration of these small text extracts. 

Why this modification?
The answer the next week :) 

We only say to you that the 5 modules concerned are the Front page, Latest articles, Rubrics in the front page, navigation page and the Newsletter.