Build your apps with GoodBarber

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Relax, the barber shave your apps ... !

Build your apps with GoodBarber
GoodBarber is the brand new service coming from the CampusPlex labs.

With GoodBarber , create a mobile application for your site very easily.
This service allows you to create applications for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone 7.  It enables you to share your latest news in a native application, which is especially designed for the user's phone.

Build your apps with GoodBarber
From a specific management interface, GoodBarber allows you to set your application in detail:

- Content to display. You can choose to display the 20 latest articles on your site, the most popular articles or content from external sources (RSS feeds, YouTube, Flickr)

- Design. You can fully customize your applications and it is suitable for each platform. The changes are visible in real time in a simulator.

- Advertisements. It is possible to either use
an advertisement management system to display some banner ads negotiated directly with an advertiser or use different external advertising agencies (Mads, Adenyo, MobPartner).

- Statistics. A Dashbord gives you informations about the number of downloads of your applications, but also on their consultation rate.

- Notifications. More powerful than the newsletter, notify your users when an important information should reach them.

- Favorites. Give your users the ability to save your articles in their favorites for a future consultation.

- Offline. Native applications stock your content on the user's phone. He can then read your articles without being connected to the network.

Build your apps with GoodBarber
GoodBaber is a web service that is sold as a subscription. The subscription prices varies depending on the number of platform mobile for which you want to create an application.

1 Platform: 19.90
/ month eg. 1 app iOS (iPhone + iPad)
2 Platforms: 29.90
/ month eg. 1 app iOS and 1 app Android
3 Platforms: 39.90
/ month eg. 1 app iOS + 1 app Android + 1 app Windows Phone 7

If you choose one-year subscription, you get 1 month free of subscription.
If you choose 2 year subscription, you get 4 months free of subscription.

An exclusive offer for WMaker users

Build your apps with GoodBarber
GoodBarber is a product developed at the CampusPlex, the ecosystem founded by WMaker to drive innovation in software development. As such you get a discount coupon on your first invoice GoodBarber. You will achieve the following savings:

- 10% on your bill if your site GoodBarber WM is under 1 year
- 20% on your bill if your site GoodBarber WM is between 1 and 3 years
- 40% on your bill if your site GoodBarber WM is over 3 years

To take advantage of the exclusive offer of WMaker on the subscription GoodBarber, go to the menu Social Network > My Apps on your back office and let yourself be guide

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