Bye bye Prototype, welcome JQuery

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Bye bye Prototype, welcome JQuery
There we go!  We have completely switched to theframework javascript JQuery.

For many years, we used Prototype. But over the time, JQuery has emerged as a more powerful framework, offering more elaborate display effects. JQuery also has a very active community of users. It's very motivating, and inspiring.

We were also driven by our  most Geeks
users to take the plunge.

JQuery was first used at the launch of the redesign of the back office V5,  about a year ago.

Once the back office V5 completed, we have not waisted our time, we used JQuery very quickly in the front office. It was a very big job done by master Jim.

This "invisible"
work will now pay off. I'll see you tomorrow for the presentation of new headline modules.

Meanwhile, advanced users can now draw in hundreds of jQuery plugins out there, use them on their site WMaker and enrich their interface. To do this, once they found the plugin they like, they just need to include a link to it in the HEAD tag and then, they can proceed with the integration on their site.

If that doesn't make sense to you, do not panic! A little patience, some modules ready to use, "Made by WM" will be offered to you from tomorrow ;)

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