CMS and Semantic Web

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About 3 years ago, Christophe Paoli from University of Corsica conducted in our office a seminar in order to show us the power of semantic web. Since then, he regularly keeps us up to date with its research.

Thus, we decided, in collaboration with Sofia Antipolis INRIA and University of Corsica, to propose a PhD project : CMS and Semantic web
CMS and Semantic Web

Thesis subject

Study of the contribution and integration of semantic web technologies to WMaker CMS and its ecosystem. 

Abstract : This thesis project aims to study the contribution and integration of semantic web technologies to WMaker CMS and its ecosystem following two axes: the "semantic" upgrade of the CMS WMaker and the semanticization of the Web TV service.

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Starting from march/april, a paid internship can be requested.


Introduced by Tim Berners-Lee in 1998, the semantic web or web of data is a SET of technologies designed to make the content of Web resources accessible for use by programs and software agents through a system of formal metadata and using languages developed and standardized by the W3C.

The semantic web is based entirely on the current web. It uses as a backbone the classical standards of the web and a SET of additional open standards: RDF (conceptual model for describing any data), RDF Schema (language used to create vocabularies, sets of terms used to describe things), OWL (language for creating ontologies, vocabularies supporting more complex relations such as logical inferences), SPARQL (query language for information from RDF graphs).

Recognizing the need to bridge this technological gap, WMaker wants a comprehensive study on the benefits of semantic web technologies to their CMS solution and ecosystem. Split into a front office and a back office the WMaker CMS currently meets all criteria of "Web 2.0" content management tool. These features and the development of a strong community has resulted in an important mass of information to manage. To meet the challenge of this "information overload", semantic web technologies seem promising. Thus this proposed doctoral work will focus on two axes: 
  • Axis 1: Upgrade WMaker CMS. The first axis aims to produce a comprehensive state of the art on existing ontologies related to the WMaker CMS functionality in order to upgrade it relative to semantic web technologies. 
  • Axis 2: Semantic web and Web TV. This second axis more innovative offers to study the contribution of semantic web technologies for a new service developed by the CMS WMaker called Web TV. Specifically it is websites whose content is mainly video. 
PhD Mention : Computer science
Director : Fabien Gandon, INRIA Sophia Antipolis
Co-director : Christophe Paoli, Université of Corsica
Society :

When : From September 2011
Where : Ajaccio, CampusPlex

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