Calendar: totally new

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Calendar: totally new
The new agenda is available !

This very useful webservice needed to be upgraded. We did it.

New layout

The layout has changed

Events are displayed in a list. In the right column, we show a new date format. It informs very quickly on the event's date and day. In the center, we display the title and description.

By default, we display the upcoming events. But, the user can also display past events.

The event's page indicates the location, the category. When a picture is available, it is shown on this page. It is the same for an hyperlink, just below the event's long description.

An horizontal separator isolates each event of the list. The pager color and the horizontal separator are the same.

When posting an event, we will find a new form. The option "all day" has been added.
Calendar: totally new


We set the URL rewritng function also for event's titles.

This function is used to create friendly URL for search engines.

It provides a better indexation for your events.


Outlook is no longer alone ! Exporting an evant can be done for the folowwing calendar :
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Ical
  • Google Calendar
  • Yahoo! Calendar
Calendar: totally new

Google Maps

Geolocalize your events ! They will be automatically positioned on a Google Map.

 This is the reason why we cut the address field into piece in the submission form. The city and the location are used the get the coordinates. This operation is done from the back office.

To be able to use geolocalization, you will need a Google Key by registering here :

Map display can be set up by choosing among the following options :
  • Default zoom
  • Map / Terrain / Satellite
  • Moving map or not
  • Allowing zoom or not
If the coordinate are not specified, the map will be positioned on the center of your country (defined in your back office)

Add automatically your website events to your Google Calendar !

To do so, you need to enter your Google Account data on the page NETWORK>Web2.0 (in your back office).

When an event is added, a real time notification will be sent your Google Calendar.
Calendar: totally new

Charged submission

Xpert and Pro portals users can define a price to submit an event in their calendar. Users pay to put an event in the calendar.
Calendar: totally new

Next step will be to redesign the classified ads webservice. We hope we will offer you as much new funxtionalities as in the Calendar webservice.

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