Contact form geolocated

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The novelty that we present today in this note concerns the forms and especially contact forms. Many of you have asked us through the support how to create a contact form and especially how to make it more attractive. So we replied to these two requests with one goal in mind, make simple to implement.

New themes from now on, will provide a
contact form by default. This means that when creating a site from the portal WMaker, the contact form will be automatically included. The email address of your account ID will automatically be considered as the Recipient email.

So you will tell us: "This is all very nice but, we will not create a new site, we already have one!" Do not worry, we are also planning a "small" novelty for existing sites.

You can already add a Google Map above your contact form. So you can specify your location to your visitors. The aim is to make your contact page more professional and more attractive.

To activate the Google Map, go to the right column of the settings of the form. The card is available in any forms, and may be activated on both, the new and the old forms.

Contact form geolocated

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