DNS and people...

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Map of DNS Root
Map of DNS Root

I guess you’ve already read this post and applied the new domain name setup procedure. 

Still, I’m not sure that you’re aware of the entire procedure, starting from the domain name purchase and propagation to DNS change.
Which is the difference between a domain name and your site www.wmaker.net/mysite? 

Here is a little explanation about the procedure

First of all, you’ve created a website on the WMaker server; this site is hosted at WMaker (texts, photos and videos). It has the unique login (for example: mysite) and its address is www.wmaker.net/mysite. 

But you’ve also bought a more recognizable domain name reflecting your business, which will enable you to be easily identified by your future visitors as well as by search engines. 
This domain name is assigned by a registrar (OVH, Gandi, 1and1) and it looks like this: 
At the moment the DNS addresses belong to your registrar (one primary and one secondary addresses). 

DNS and people...

The setup procedure will enable you to link this domain name to your WMaker site.

Here are the steps to go through: 

1) declare your domain name at WMaker (Administration > Domain Name) 

2) replace your registrar’s DNS by our ones (dns1.wmaker.net and dns2.wmaker.net) 

3) the address change should be updated on all DNS servers worldwide (propagation) 
DNS servers: special type of servers that show the IP address of your website based on the name like www.my-activity.com. 

4) Once propagation is over, www.my-activity.com
will be appearing on our server, and we could finish the setup procedure by declaring that it must display www.wmaker.net/mysite (this procedure requires restarting our server, which is done twice a day). 

It normally takes from 24 to 48 hours to go through all these 4 steps. Still it could be a little bit longer for the .fr domain names because of the checkup to make sure dns1.wmaker.net and dns2.wmaker.net have been correctly set up.

So please be patient!

To wrap-up here is a video showing how the DNS works.

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