Discount Vouchers coming to the Store

Jerome PIETRI on Tuesday, June 8th 2010 I 0 Comment

Discount Vouchers coming to the Store

A new menu item is coming to the Store: Discount vouchers. From now on, you can distribute them to your customers. 

It can be one-shot or mulstiple-use discount vouchers, which validity period  

can be limited in time. Their value can correspond to a particular 

sum of money (10€) or a percentage of the total order amount (10%).


How to use the Discount vouchers?
A fill-in field will be proposed at the step 5 of the order, i.e. in the order summary just before the payment. This field will appear only if there are some discount vouchers created earlier and at least one valid. 

If you entry a valid code, the shopping cart will be updated with a new order amount. A new line 
was added to the order detail.  The discount is applied to the Total order amount, i.e. VAT and transport charges 


The related online help is available online.


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