Discover the Tags page

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Discover the Tags page
A new page is born at WMaker. It's the Tags page. With this page, you can propose your users another approach of your website browsing. This page can reveal very useful, notably to emphasize the most recent and/or popular content of your website.

The Tags page enables various layouts that I'm going to describe in this post. I think that all of you will find the best way to take advantage of this page.

The settings of the Tags page are to be found in DESIGN > page design > Tags.

Popularity and chronology: the display mode by default

Discover the Tags page
The by default display mode of the page is entitled "popularity and chronology".

In this mode, the page is constituted of 6 blocks. Each block displays tags of the website according to the following settings:
  • Tags of the articles published within the last 24h
  • Tags of the articles published in the week
  • Tags of the articles published in the month
  • Tags the most used in the site articles
  • Tags of the most consulted articles of the site
  • Tags of the articles the most commented of the site
By default, the page is divided in 3 columns. So there's 2 lines of 3 blocks. The number of columns can be customized (1 to 3 columns) as the number of tags to display in the bock (1 to 20).

Discover the Tags page

You can decide not to display all blocks. Just uncheck the blocks you're not interested in.

Note that the title of the block can be changed too. So you can customize the title of each block.

If you want to, you can display the color of your tags. Remember, the color of the tags is to define in CONTENT > Sections and tags > tag bundle

Tag group

Discover the Tags page
If you haven't grouped your tags yet, don't wait any longer. Indeed, to test the display mode "tag bundle" it's necessary to have at leat one group.

The title is quite clear. On the page, each tag group makes a block. The number of columns of the page and the number of tags a block can be set. It's also possible to display the tag color.

Alphabetic mode

Discover the Tags page
The alphabetic mode proposes a very different display of your tags. Two display styles are possible: in list-style and by-letter style.

With the list style, in a quick look, your users can see all the tags of your site.

The ones that have a lot of tags will maybe choose the by letter type.

Once agian, you can display the color of your tags.

Have you found the best way to display the tags of your site?
Let us know by the comments ;)

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