Disqus available on WMaker!!!

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Disqus available on WMaker!!!
Disqus is a commenting platform with authentication which manages all your comments.
Disqus users can post comments using the same login, on all websites using it. Disqus helps you build a community of active readers and commenters.


It takes little time to sign up, then you can comment on all blogs using disqus with the same account.
You can also sign up via the main social networks which makes it easier to access the service and comments. Like Facebook Comments, it enables to limit trolls (we said limit, there is always troll :)

Depending on your settings, you can integrate the comments to social networks, you can for example publish your comments on Facebook or Twitter.

Other benefits of this service are the possibility to reply to one comments, to edit it, mark it, add a picture, order them...

The antispam is announced by not tested, you have to know that WMaker stops thousands, even dozen of thousands spams every day.
Disqus available on WMaker!!!

How to activate it?

The activation on your site or webTv is made in 2 steps:

1/ Start by creating an account and an application Disqus to get your Short name and Secret key. If you would like to know more about it, read the online help named Disqus.

2/ Go to your back office in the menu Social Network > Comments > Settings and click on Disqus tab. There you can activate Disqus on your site by adding your Short name and the secret key (named also Secret API) of the application you created in step 1.

Don't worry, everything is detailed on the online help.

Beware before activation

Before you rush to activate Disqus, you must know that:

1 / Disqus is only available on the new pages. Articles or videos that already have comments continue to work with the native system, in order to preserve your history.

2 / At the moment Disqus is not available on mobile version. Also, if you activate it, comments will be disabled on all articles of the mobile version, it applies to the old articles and to the new ones.

Now it's your decision

Each system has its benefits. You must think about which one is the best depending on your website.
Facebook comments is very well adapted for some of you, like our friends of youdive.tv
Disqus is really loved amongst geeks, it's up to you :)

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