Editorial statistics of video

Lesia PIETRI on Thursday, November 15th 2007 I 0 Comment

Editorial statistics of video
Many of you have asked us information about watching your videos. The last player video have a system of counting reading that enables us to learn more about viewing videos.

We have exploited its potential to supplement the editorial statistics video by adding 2 new types of information:

1) Partial reading counters :

- a counter at 25 %
- a counter at 50 %
- a counter at 75 %
- a counter at 99 % ;-)

2) A distant reading counter.

Since the latest version of the player, it can be exported, now we know howmany people are reading your videos from a distant  player

I invite you to discover the menu appears V4 in statistics editorial.

The rest tomorrow ...

Update: little problem focusing last minute later it is for Monday.

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