Even the 404 page is customizable!

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Even the 404 page is customizable!
At WMaker, customization is no limit and this is just for you! Today even the 404 page is customizable. For those who have forgotten, page 404 is the error page, not very pretty, against which your users could lend by mistake or because one of your section pages unfortunately no longer exist. To make this page funnier and lively WMaker now gives you the possibility to customize it with pictures, videos, more friendly text or wherever your imagination takes you!

Reminder: 404 page customization is available only for those who have a domain name installed.

How to customize your 404 page?

Even the 404 page is customizable!
Before our update, you were able to edit the text and colour of the default Wmaker page given. Today we give you the opportunity to let your creativity fly!

Go to the menu Management > Settings > SEO > 404 Error Click on the button "Customize" to edit your 404 page.

Even the 404 page is customizable!
You have 2 ways to do it:

1/ Create a page from scratch, meaning starting from zero. You code yourself your page in HTML and do whatever you like :)
The HTML code displayed is the one of the WMaker page by default.
If you had already done some editing in your 404 page (colour and text), it will be displayed in the html code by default.

Note: if you click on the button "Cancel the customization" you will be automatically redirected on the previous page. The modification done will be deleted and the 404 page displayed will be the one by default.

Even the 404 page is customizable!
2/ Create an article. You can if you want, create an article that will be displayed on your 404 page. The benefits is that all options available when creating an article are also available for your 404 page (photos, text, video, both...)

For this, create an article in your back office as usual (Content > Add) and enter your text and/or a picture for example to illustrate your 404 page. Then you just have to select this article in the drop down menu on the customization 404 page of your back office, then choose the template (offer Xpert and Pro) to affect to this article (drop down menu Use template).

Then Save your work!
Done :) Quick and easy.

To help you a little bit, see below some 404 page that we liked!
Keep in mind that humour is always welcome, it's a space where you can have fun!

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