Full HD for your videos!

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Full HD for your videos!
Following the WebTV improvements, and after an overhaul of our internal coding system, we added  the format 1080p.

1080p is a standard HD CIF, and indicates that the video displays 1920 pixels width and 1080 pixels in height. In practice, our encoder can detect that your
video source uploaded is a 1080p video and then notifies the generator of HD format to produce a quality of 1080p HD.

Note that this detection is available - for now - only for our customers WebTV PRO.

Examples of encoding of a clip from the cartoon Big Buck Bunny :) I let you see the difference in quality, especially in full screen.

Encoding 360p - Biterate 683kbps

Encoding 720p - Biterate 2157kbps

Encoding 1080p - Biterate 3153kbps

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