Futher in the novelties for the iPhone version.

Jerome Granados / Katia Jannin on Wednesday, February 11th 2009 I 0 Comment

WMaker enjoys improving the iPhone version of your sites. The various advantages of this mobile phone (touch screen, developped web browser(safari), accelerometer) enable proposing a user experience of good quality. We're not without ideas to take the most of those tools at WM. So we've put online a new wave of novelties:

Leaf through your photo gallery

With a touch screen, using the mobile becomes very intuitive.

With iPhone, we always click less. We prefer moving the elements from left to right, up to bottom, we caress it, brush it... In short, we take the use to make the image scrolling with only a flick.

It was impossible for us not to propose this type of browsing in our galleries. So now, it's online. Go on, test it, and enjoy ;)

For another part, a lot of you wanted to be enabled to display the photo copyrights in the mobile galery. From now that's available. To do so, type your text in the description zone of the photo.
Futher in the novelties for the iPhone version.

Rotate for a map !

We decided to take advantage of the iPhone accelerometer in the calendar webservice. The accelerometers enable to know in witch position the user is looking at its iPhone (portrait or landscape).

In the calendar, portrait mode, we display the details of the events. If you turn the iPhone in landscape mode, the event and associated information are located on a map (google map)

If you have you own domain name, it's necessary to give the Google Key associated with your mobile version (m.domainname.com) in the menu DESIGN > Mobile Design > more settings. If you need help concerning that key, thanks to ask in the support.

For an end, note the new layout possibilities:
- rounded corners
- shadows
Futher in the novelties for the iPhone version.

Noticeable Tags

The article page has been modified. The main novelty concerns the tags. They are way more noticeable and as a result, way more clickable :)

Remember to choose a background color for your tags, it will look great ( menu DESIGN > Mobile Design > Internal pages > Page > Fonts > Tags)

Other novelty: from now, the YouTube videos, embed in your articles, launch directly in the iPhone video player. That makes a click less. Remember, once upon a time, there were a intermediate step with a YouTube webpage.
Futher in the novelties for the iPhone version.

New podcast page

This page has become way more pleasant to watch.

Your users know how much the podcast weighs. A play icon invite them to listen.

The size of the posdcast title automatically matches the screen width. More text will display if you turn the iPhone to landscape mode.

This size gestion is possible thanks to the use of CSS3.
Futher in the novelties for the iPhone version.

Little improvements thanks to CSS3

Anytime we can, we use CSS3 in the iPhone version. CSS3 ???
Simply remember that's a language used to design your site content.

CSS 3  enables creating very subtle effects. For an exemple, the rounded corners, the shadows, and the extensible return button are possible thanks to Css 3.

Our last innovation deals with the title display. Depending on your iPhone orientation (portrait or landscape), we display a more or less large title. This works on:
- the text of the title banner (intern page)
- the titles of the headlines section module
- the description of the photos
- the podcast titles.

For an end, you can also customize the "retourn button" arrow color.

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