Gillian is finally back

Jérôme Pietri / Katia Jannin on Wednesday, April 22nd 2009 I 0 Comment

Gillian is finally back
After a very serious injury occured on december 25th 2006, and 2 years and a half of convalescence, Gillian is finally back!

Gillian, the Version 4 and 3 architect, sprang back yesterday afternoon.

Gillian is the most brilliant developer I've ever known.  Not only is he impressively efficient with only some drafts as specifications, but he is also capable of creating a hight-level web application. But above all, he has a creative sense out of the common.

I have a thousand exemples of his brilliant intuitions to give you. But now, I'd like to deal with a little development of few code lines he took 5 minutes to type after a discution in front of a coffee.

It was in 2006, we had more and more SPAM in the comments. The ultimate solution back then was to use the captchas, you know, that distorted letters to copy in a field, or worst, the stupid questions to answer.
This enabled make the difference between a real Internaut who can answer a captcha and a spamer robot that can't understand the requirement.
I told him that I found it stupid to constraint the visitor. We had to find another system.

That's how Gillian invented the Finger Print, a system that still blocks 95% of the spams in the comments. Back then I found it almost normal to find this solution.

But a year after that, I realised that no-one used our system and everyone continued to constraint the visitor with the captchas.

I understood then how Gillian had once more guessed right.

Only lately I read an article on a famous Web2.0 blog, dealing with a US blog platform that had integrated an anti spam system in the comments, presenting it as particulary sophisticated....

This little exemple reveals the creative force our 26 years old technic director is capable of...
Welcome back Gillian, I'm looking foward you dawn us upon again!

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