Go with the flow

Jerome Granados / Katia Jannin on Thursday, November 27th 2008 I 0 Comment

Go with the flow
Yesterday, releasing the  Move On Template, I promised to detail a little more the novelties brought to the Archive module.

We've studied this module that one of the most used on your sites. I quickly remind you its principle: display the last publications first.

The "Archive" name wasn't that appropriate. It suggested old news while it contains brand new ones.
We renamed it "Go with the Flow", an expression that matches better with the French name: "Au Fil de l'eau"

Go with the flow
We're proposing 2 new display modes for  Go with the Flow module.

Classic Mag display

Classic Mag is a variant of classic. The difference between the 2 display modes is quite subtle. However, it presents a big interest for some of you. I'm refering to the ones that search for the perfection  in their design.

Indeed, with Classic Mag, you'll finally be enabled to propose your readers a go-with-the-flow module in which the title is aligned with the thumbnail top border.

Note that  Classic Mag thumbnails are  by default 16/9.

Bloc display

Block-style display is a novelty.

Choose to present your flow in column, each article constitutes a block in the column.

The number of columns and articles can be customized. By default, we chose to propose you a 2 column display with 3 articles a column.

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