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cc Flickr by Blyzz
cc Flickr by Blyzz
On April 24th, Google made an update of its algorithm that didn't get unnoticed. It is called "Penguin update". As you can see from the picture, this penguin is not very friendly. Some of you may have already had trouble with him :(

WMaker has made ​​some changes in the generation of the source code of your site, to minimize the possibility of being the victim of an operation of Negative SEO.

Penguin update

Obviously, in the official announcement of this update, Google is very oracular on how Penguin works. We understand however, that the purpose of Penguin is to fight against the "keyword stuffing" and "link schemes". These practices fall under the so-called Black Hat SEO, ie deploy strategies to achieve good ranking in Google in an artificial way.

Following this update, some users have seen their rankings in Google completely changed. One of them even got a "phrase based penalty".

A "phrase based penalty" works like this ... imagine that you are targeting for years the keyword "soccer shoes". You have a large number of backlinks with anchor like that exact keyword ... and you are positioned in the top 10 results on this exact query ... but one day you find yourself in 3rd page or even further on the exact query ... while remaining relatively well positioned for broader queries such as "soccer cleats" or "stabilized soccer shoes".

This type of sentence can be when you set up a system of links (link scheme) to increase your number of backlinks to a page on a particular keyword.


The Negative SEO is a practice with the purpose of harming the good ranking of your competitor on Google. With Penguin, Google's sensitivity is increased against "link schemes"

To avoid making you an easy prey, we changed how the application reacts when calling a page.
Before, it was possible to view the article you are reading from the link:
but also from: l who was doing a redirect to the correct url.

1st update: URL strict on articles

This system had the advantage of flexibility but it enabled to create very quickly and effortlessly, a battery of different links to a page. Imagine the devastating effect on the page if a malicious person had decided to target it with anchors of texts not very rewarding.

In short, now it does no longer exist. If the URL of the page is not correct, we send a 404.

We invite you to check all links on your pages, to see if they point correctly on your content and not on a 404, especially on your menus.
Indeed, for convenience, some have the bad habit of building their menus with external link (urls), not using selectors proposed by the application.

If for the link to an article on your website you have gone through the menu external link, and if you change the title of the article, then the url will be changed and your menu will point to a 404 .
If, when preparing your menu, you choose an element type Article and not external link, the application will always generate the right url, even if you change later the title of the article.

2nd update: 404 for tags removed

We modified the response returned by the tag pages. page displays all articles that are tagged with the keyword "seo." Suppose we decide to remove this tag. It will be removed from my articles, but what happens to the page ?

BEFORE: it returned a result, a page indicating that there were no articles tagged "seo". Again, this was a vulnerability for NSEW

NOW: it returns a 404 because there is no articles tagged "seo"

We allow ourselves one month to refine and finely check what is going on and improve the functioning of the application on these topics.
We reacted quickly with measures not without effect on your sites. We think it's best to have made ​​these decisions now, rather than having to find out later the disappearance of your sites in Google results.

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