Happy new year 2009!

Sébastien Simoni / Katia Jannin on Monday, January 5th 2009 I 0 Comment

Happy new year 2009!
The year 2008 flied for us. I know you're keen on reading the list of future functionnalities, but meanwhile, here's a review of 2008.

- 13 new templates
- Server new architecture, with a very performant response time < 250 ms
- Module overhaul: headlines, with the flow, dropdown menu...
- The classified ads overhaul
- Tag management new system
- Management of all alphabets with UTF-8
- SNS V1
- Video page overhaul
- Calendar overhaul
- Uploader V2
- iPhone version V1
- iPhone version v2 (Article, Video, Calendar, Gallery)
- Blog server
- HQ video
- Management of You tube API
- Video player V2
- Forum overhaul
- New portal
- New customisable mobile version
- Store overhaul
- Data center change for a more ecologic
- New search engine
- Improvement of the V4 Backoffice
- Open ID
- V4 launch

For 2009, I can promise we'll duplicate the number of the notes and we're preparing very exiting new stuff.

The year ends up well for us: For the first time since the 10th of October 2003, we have no pending support question. Compared with usually an average of 50 questions, WMaker might be nearly reaching perfection, unless new years eve preparations would be the reason.

More seriously, WMaker has realised the better year of its history and improved by a +26% this last quarter. The crisis isn't affecting us for the moment, we're even going to widen our staff in 2009.

We wish you all  a very good year 2009.
A special thought for our first client and also friend Tarik Essaadi to whom we wish a good recovery.

All WMaker Team, Sébastien, Jérôme, Gillian, Laurent, Lésia, Samir, Sébastien2, Greg, Jean-Mathieu, Jerome2, Christian, Katia and Christophe (our fresh new).

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