Headlines Section: Collapse/Expand mode for iPhone version.

Jerome Granados / Katia Jannin on Tuesday, February 10th 2009 I 1 Comment

The design of the "headlines section" for the mobile version has been overhauled. The main novelty is the Collapse/Expand mode.

Headlines Section: Collapse/Expand mode for iPhone version.
First, let's see the display of the articles in the module. It's the same as in the headlines module, position 2 to 4: a 16/9 thumbnail, the title, the author, the date and break.

So, what's that Collapse/Expand mode? Note the appearance of a "+" to the right of the title.

A click on that symbol will expand the section. Click again, and the folder will collapse. Or click on another + and the opened section will collapse by itself to let the second expand.

In each section, you'll find the big clickable link "more articles". The number of additional articles that appear on each click is the number of articles you display by default. That is to be set in DESIGN > mobile design. Just add a Headlines Section module.

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1.Posted by ashraf on 04/19/2010 9:22 AM | Alert
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I was trying to do the same thing. Use a group table. a button in the section header. clicking it will expand the section and again clicking it collapse the section. working somehow, but found that when expanding the middle sections, the lower sections header still overlap the cells when expanding the middle section. seems some kind of refreshing problem.
Can u plz tell me how you implemented this?


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