Headlines modules :News 2/3

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Headlines modules :News 2/3
Let's carry on with the series of novelties on headlines modules. Today, the zone of work is the large central column of your site.

We created the new module Modern 7 and we have improved performances and expanded the possibilities of the displays  Modern 1 to Modern 6.

Different Area of your site

Headlines modules :News 2/3
Before getting into the thick of things, I would like to remind you about the settings of your site design.

I identified on this screen-shot the 3 main works areas of the site:
- Title Area
- Central Area (which can be divided up into three columns)
- Footer area

In each zone you can add your modules.

When we create a module we create it for a particular area. It is rare that a module is available for all areas. That is why, when you click the "Add", the library modules only display modules available for the area.

For example, about Headlines modules
- Modern 1 to Modern 7 are available in the Central area
Modern 8 to
Modern 11 are available in the Title area

Modern 7, new style for your central column

Modern 7 is a new creation. It is used with articles that have a beautiful illustration. The title and meta information (author, date, description, ...) are overlayed on the illustration, with an opacity in the upper right corner.

The pager is Bullet type. You can choose between two types of transitions: slide or fade. Automatic scrolling is possible.

Improvment of Modern 1 to 6

Headlines modules :News 2/3
On the previous modules, there is first a large number of optimizations that were done, including through the use of jQuery: better transitions between articles, alignments more accurate, increased fluidity, greater speed display .

Then when it turned out right, we've added new features, coming directly from the work on the new modules.

Modern 1
Choice of transition: Fade or Slide
Customizing of the Pager arrows

Modern 2
Choice of transition: Fade or Slide
Customizing the pager: Digital or bullet
Opacity on the banner (Design tab > Body of the Module)

Modern 3-6
Better transition effects

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