Headlines modules WebTV: News 3/3

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 Headlines modules WebTV: News 3/3
The last part of the trilogy "New headlines modules" has just been published. This last one is 100% webTV.

We offer 2 new modules and some beautiful improvment of the previous ones.

Models Type 5 and Type 6

Type 5 and Type 6 are the new module displays.

Type 5 is a large image with the title and description of the video in a square opacity on the upper left. The pager is bullet type. You can choose from seven transition effects between videos.

Type 6 has a less imposing picture. The title and description of the video are on the upper right, outside of the video. The arrows to navigate the module are customizable. You can put these inside or outside of the template.

The button "Watch video" is also customizable.
 Headlines modules WebTV: News 3/3

Transition effects and increased customization

Apart from type 3, all modules now have seven different types of transition.
- fade
- bars
- square
- Square random
- slip
- slide
- random

I'll let you test them, it will be much
more meaningful than trying an hazardous description of each effect.

To finish, you will see that the customization capabilities of older modules have also been extended.

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