Here's the new uploader

Jerome Granados / Katia Jannin on Wednesday, August 6th 2008 I 0 Comment

Here's the new uploader
We announced few time ago, that we were working on a new video uploader version. This really practical tool is now available.


uploader former and new version
uploader former and new version

The striking change is the design.

We're proposing you a brand new interface, way cleaner.

About the video adding possibilities, you can still find the slide/place, or the possibility to open a new dialogue window to browse the computer, from the + key.

Connection stabilization

Here's the new uploader

The connection between the uploader and your website has been stabilized. If ever a connection error would show up, it would be documented, in opposition to the former version. You would be able then to identify the disconnection source.

Mac and PC Compatibility.

Here's the new uploader
The last uploader version worked only on PC. Mac OS X Tiger and Leopard can use the V2 Uploader too.

Identical Use

The new uploader works the same way as the former one. Here's a reminder of the previous steps to achieve to get it.

1 - install ADOBE AIR.

2 - Install the new uploader version. The instal file is available in MANAGEMENT > Editorial staff >other publication methods > "uploader" tab

3 - Open your website publication API. MANAGEMENT > Editorial staff >other publication methods > "API" tab

4 - Choose the section in which will be placed the videos sent by the uploader.

Then, anytime you'll send a video from the uploader, a new article will be created. Its status will be "pending", and the video name will temporally be the article name.

You'll have all the time to perfectionnate your content and article layout, in order to highlight your video.

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