Hosting : Phase n°2 / Stat

Lesia on Saturday, December 3rd 2005

The installation of the architecture high availability occurred well. All our servers are linked with 2 switchs, a Sisco and a 3 Com, as the second is gigabit we can extremely quickly transfer the data between the servers of the bay. Its very important for the evolution of the architecture. The startup of 3 new web servers isn't yet active, we take our time because nothing presses on this side. 

At the rush hour, now we use about 30 % of our servers power. It's a great comfort of use as well on the sites as in managements. As soon as we cross 45 % of use we will update our architecture. That will enable us to preserve a quality of top-of-the-range service. 

The statistics service recovered its delay since yesterday, we used not 3 but 8 servers what enabled us to make a small discovery. We wont any more use exclusively one server for the stats but to distribute calculation on several server, that will be more reliable and more rapid. 

The problem of the hosting being regulated, we will work without useless pressure and will forget very quickly this month of madness.

Thank you for your patience