Intranet / Extranet control with Email

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You could already restrict the access to the site with a double protection to create an Intranet. To do this, simply go to the menu Management > Security and apply a restriction called with a strange name "Outside IP profiling"

The principle is simple, access to the site is directly accessible to the IP range allowed. If you do not have the correct IP address, we ask you to register or authenticate if it is already done.
Intranet / Extranet control with Email

Registration control

The improvement is to allow add automatically authorized persons. How to recognize authorized persons? Simply through their email. Allow the registration, select the validation by email and specify the extension of emails allowed.

Conclusion: The visitors will receive an validation email of registration if "his" email is allowed. Just a reminder, if the person does not validate within 15 days his subscribtion, his request is cancelled.

The small story

Intranet / Extranet control with Email
This "small" improvement was suggested to us when we formed teams of the giant of telephony and Internet for which we make an Intranet WebTV.

Innocuous question asked during this training was obvious. Once back in CampusPlex we just had to put it in place, which took few hours.

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