Jardin d’hiver has done a great job!

Bernardini Federi on Tuesday, October 5th 2010 I 0 Comment

Jardin d'hiver (Winter garden) is a web agency that uses WMaker. 

And the company could showcase its expertise in web during 2010 Batiactu Construction & Innovation Trophies rewarding the best websites and web creations. 

Jardin d’hiver’s submission  ecoquartierbretigny91.com  has become finalist in associations / local authorities 

This information website about Clause-Bois Badeau ecological district in Bretigny, France lets users follow evolution of different programs and main project’s directions. 

The best of WMaker technologies have been used for this website: modular design, customizable layout, ergonomic tree, simple navigation, multimedia (videos, pdf, images).

Congratulations to “web gardeners” for this easy-to-use and user friendly website. 

Jardin d’hiver has done a great job!

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