Lastest novelties of the month

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Lastest novelties of the month
To finish off the month of April, which for most of you was wet (yes it's in Corsica it was 25 °), we introduce four new collections of action buttons.

As a reminder, the action buttons are used everywhere on your site. These include the Home, Print and Send
button in the article page. You can set them on the Buttons tab in the menu General Settings > Graphical Elements. As we always say, those are certainly small details, but they make all the difference in finishing a web project.

We have to admit but it had been a while since we looked into this menu, so let's say it clearly, it was really time to clean it up because some collections were REALLY dated :)

You now have the choice between two minimalist collections, the
anthracite grey one which you can integrate into all sorts of Design and the other one, white, a little rounder, for sites on a dark background.

This tab would have been a little sad without the two new collections in colour. You can choose according to your design from a very realistic style with 3D effect or choose the little Glossy effect.

Still hoping it will help you in achieving your site, we will see you in May for even more novelties!

Saveria Maroselli
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