Lauching V4 online help

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Lauching V4 online help
We start the week with a great news for the all WMaker users : the online help for the V4 is available !

This help will assist newcomers to quickly grasp how the CMS is working. For advanced users, it will give them all the keys to enhance their website.

Online help V4 is a big piece of work achieved by Lesia, Sarah, Federi and Jerome P. In some figures, it is :
  • 4 sections
  • 28 sub sections
  • 146 questions / answers
  • 286 screenshots
  • 40 000 words

Help can be viewed from a new link in the top right corner of your back office.

Help content

Help is organised in 4 sections

Quick start guide. This firts section is mainly dedicated to newcomers. It presents the basics of the V4.

Tasks and functionality. In this section, you will find useful information about the daily use of your website.

Advanced functions and web services. Here, we go deeper in the use of web services and the use of added vale features like monetisation or profiling.

Module design and customisation.
Step by step, we explain in this section how to customise your website.

In order to be as accurate and clear as possible, we add many screenshots to illustrate each answer.

Print help

Sometimes, it is easier to print an online document to read it. We didn't forget people who still like paper. We propose them a link to a page were help display is optimised for printing.

Note that this link is available for printing :
  • the whole help
  • a section
  • a sub-section

Search engine

On the home page, we add a search engine.

The research is carried out on titles and messages body. In the results, sought expressions are displayed in bold

Direct access from support pages

Before posting a question to the support team, we ask you to choose the theme of your question among a drop down list.

Now, this information allows us to show you the frequently asked questions related to the theme you have selected.

English version

Thanks to Sarah, we could launch the French and the English version of the online help at the same time.

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