Launch of Beta V5

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Launch of Beta V5
We have launched the beta V5 on the first day of spring.
More than 250 websites have subscribed to this program and we thank you for your interest.

This version is not stable yet, there is still few bugs to fix so we chose to open it for only half of the subscribers for the meantime.

100 websites will receive a mail that enables the activation of the back office V5.
If the support does not get enough feedback, we will expand the panel of testers. Do not be impatient, you will all have access to the new version very soon...

This is the outcome of a long hard work, it will be completely finished for next fall.
We rewrote all of the pages of the back office, using features based on CSS3 and also on a new framework javascript JQuery.

The new back office is more elegant and faster. To make long story short, it's more efficient. There is as well more than 100 new features. We will introduce them with all details.

In order to deliver it the soonest, we organized the development in two parts: the back office first, then, following the front office.

The final version of the V5 will be launched on the 16 of May.

In June, we will start the new front office (website part), the development process will be then different.
The modular architecture of WM enables to update module by module, changing to the new version will be more gradual than for the back office.

We have not communicated about the back office development because there was a substantive work to achieve on our side. But we rely on you for your suggestions on the website part. Do not hesitate to share your ideas, we will open a dedicated category on the support.

Last thing, end of spring is always a rich period for novelty at WM. This year, we also have a surprise for you, something that will make WM CMS unique!

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