Modern 5, the youngest

Jerome Granados / Katia Jannin on Monday, December 15th 2008 I 0 Comment

Modern 5, the youngest
Modern 5 comes to complete your display possibilities for the headlines articles. It's the last diplay mode of the modern series.

Modern 5 enable  to place up to 4 articles in the headlines.

Article titles display in columns to the right of the module. The article being presented is pointed by an arrow.

Column display setting can be operated in Fonts, Title font.

At the bottom of the image, a transparent banner enables display not only the title, but also the related information. It's possible to display:
- the author
- the creation date
- the number of comments

Those settings are to be found in Functionnalities > Modern > More settings.

In this menu, also note the appearance of a new option: setting the speed of the automatic scroll.

That's an option you've been numerous to ask in the support. It's now available for all the modern series modules that propose the automatic scroll (modern 1, 2 and 5).

To enable the option, check the "automatic scroll" box and choose the time in seconds.
Modern 5, the youngest

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