More space for your data

Lesia PIETRI on Monday, May 7th 2007 I 0 Comment

More space for your data
We multiplied by 400 the storage capacities on WM since 2002 whitout any price increase ! As you can see it on the screen capture of our portal 5 years ago.

Today we are boosting the storage space of your site. Indeed, the new servers and the drop of the hard disk price allow us to multiply by 10 the disk space for the same price !

However it's not the same thing for the bandwitdh (transferered data) in fact its prices stagnate and can be duplicate for the video trafic. We decided, to go with future V4 video fonctions, to multiply by 2 the transfered data quota of each site without any additional cost.

Here the new capacities :

Disk space : 1 Go -> 10 Go
Transfered data by month : 20 Go -> 40Go

Disk space : 2 Go -> 20 Go
Transfered data by month : 40 Go -> 80Go

Disk space : 4 Go -> 40 Go
Transfered data by month : 80 Go -> 160Go

Disk space : 8 Go -> 80 Go
Transfered data by month : 160 Go -> 320Go

You don't have any more pretext to set about Podcasting !

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