Mosaic in your articles

Jerome PIETRI on Thursday, January 16th 2014 I 0 Comment

Today, we'll introduce a new feature of WMaker V6 which comes to enrich your article pages.
Mosaic in your articles

To illustrate your articles, you can either add a picture or a full album from your gallery displayed as a slide show. V6 add a third display mode, the Mosaic.

Unlike the slide show which displays a full album, the mosaic enables to select 5 pictures between all your albums, it's more flexible. Those 5 pictures will be displayed as below, ie a big photo on the full width of your column and the 5 thumbnails aligned below. When clicking on one of the thumbnail, it will be displayed in large above and so on.

Try it, it's easier that explaining it :)

  • gal-789414
  • gal-789411
  • gal-789446
  • gal-789416
  • gal-789415

How to add a mosaic?

In a paragraph, click on Picture Tab, then Gallery. In the drop down menu choose Add a mosaic. You then have to select 5 pictures illustrating your article and save it. Et voilà! You just created a beautiful mosaic in your article.

We also thought about those of you who have lots of pictures in your gallery. We set an internal search engine to help you find your pictures. You can edit at any time your mosaic pictures with the button of the same name.

Here is a real example of the mosaic used on a WM website created by the agency Jardin d'Hivers:

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