Moving to a new datacenter

Jerome Granados on Friday, March 28th 2008 I 0 Comment

First reminder

This post is short but important. Thank you for taking the time to read it carefully.

Next month, our servers will be removed from the datacenter Redbus to be installed in a new datacenter, runned by OVH. This move will also provide an opportunity to double our network capacity.

The moving day for our servers is planned to SUNDAY, APRIL 27, 2008.

During this day, access to your sites (frontend and backend) will be seriously disrupted, even impossible at certain times of the day or the night.

We are currently preparing the detailed planning of the moving day, in order to work at times that will cause you the least inconvenience.

From today to April 27, we will publish regular reminders on this blog and we will give you more details on the planning of the moving day.

Please remember this date, SUNDAY, APRIL 27, 2008 in order to anticipate the service disruptions.

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